ruth kwan


hello* in malay

 hello! in malay*


i am an:

ABC, occasional artist, ut austinite class of 2019 + texas creative copywriter, and socks + birkenstocks wearer (called birkensocks, you heard it here first).

i fell in love with words as a kid, and i’m not done falling. here i am, on the search for a copywriting job/not MLM to pay the bills! let me give you a short essay (in person) or a shortcut.

if you’re still reading this, here’s more you didn’t need to know: i dislike skim milk with a passion because it’s white water, but i do like frozen milk (coffee flavored, please). i’m great at two things: thinking i’m funny and self-deprecating humor. i love making people laugh, because the world can always use more of that. i was wearing a short dress in this pic in times square in march (would not recommend). now if you want MORE more, go click that shortcut above. :^)